HTC - Windows Outlook Email Alerts


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Feb 15, 2010
Hello All

I am planning to buy HTC HD2, I currently own BB 8900 on tmobile. My phone always in VIBRATE mode. Programmed BB to alert with a special ring (even when it's in vibrate mode) for a specified email (say subject containing prescribed value etc.,). Process:

1. Logon to my BB SW on my laptop
2. Connect BB
3. Thru BB SW edit the filters what I want and make them as Level 1.
4. Sync UP BB
5. In BB (after disconnecting), go to profiles and edit it.
6. In the edit, modify settings for "Level 1 Alert" to ring a specific ring tone.

Is it this possible in HTC?

This is required for managing my SLAs with the application I am currently working.