I am looking for help interpreting a set of US Cellular cell phone records from 2004


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Mar 24, 2024
Hopefully someone out there knows the answer.

Here are the records in question typed out: (The calls are for the evening of 02/09/2004)

Line / Date / Time / Calls to / Number called

48 / 2/09 / 7:52PM / MAIL CL / 603-348-71XX

49 / 2/09 / 7:54PM / MOBILE CL / 603-348-79XX

50 / 2/09 / 7:54PM / NOWOODSTCK NH / 603-745-88XX

51 / 2/09 / 7:57PM / MOBILE CL / 603-348-79XX

52 / 2/09 / 7:02PM / MEDWAY MA / 603-533-XXXX

1) I don't know if the calls are incoming or outgoing. I believe that entries 48 and 49 are paired and were generated by the first call, and that entries 50 and 51 are both from the second call. Then entry 52 represents a third call.

2) My assumption is that there were two switches involved in reporting some of the entries, which is why some calls have two entries. I also think the switches had clocks that were running at differing times. When the first call was sent or received, the clock at one switch read 7:52:15PM (as an example), and the other forwarding switch read 7:54:45, and we see these times reflected on the bill. Two and a half minutes later, another call is sent or received and the times are recorded again; one switch now reads 7:54:45 and the other one reads 7:57:15. These are the same timestamps seen on the bill, and that's why there is a two-minute difference between entries 48 and 49, and a three-minute difference between 50 and 51.

3) The main thing I am seeking opinions on is the nature of the first call that evening, entry 48 at 7:52PM, the one labelled "MAIL CL". Does this entry represent an outgoing call to check the voicemail from the cell phone? Or does it represent someone leaving a voicemail, or could it represent someone calling a voicemail deposit/access number from a landline to check the message center? Is the next entry, 49, likely associated with entry 48?

4)What does the "MOBILE" entry mean? Does it represent a forwarding entry?

5)I believe these calls were made on towers owned by NH #1 Rural Cellular, a subsidiary of US Cellular Corporation. (but for all intents and purposes, the calls were made on the US Cellular network. The phone number in entry 48 I believe is the customer's cellphone number; entry 49 I don't know the number; entry 50, this number is a landline in Lincoln, NH; I believe entry 51 is the same number as entry 49; and entry 50 is either a landline or cell phone number in Massachusetts.

I hope someone has some experience and expertise with US Cellular's detailed billing from 2004 and can shed some light on what these entries represent. :help:

Civil court matter, or criminal case?
It's regarding the disappearance of Maura Murray in NH in 2004. So I guess it's private investigating. A witness who passed by Maura's abandoned car in NH later made a cell phone call on their drive home, so the I'm trying to figure out what time this person made their first call that evening in order to determine a relatively precise time she passed by Maura's car. I tried to research in US Cellular's billing on my own in the forums, but it's a very specific knowledge and question. I mainly I want to confirm that the first entry, or entries mean that customer (the witness) made an outgoing call to their voicemail and that's what the "MAIL" descriptor means.