I just got a job with Tracfone Wireless through Marketsource


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Dec 12, 2011
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I'm gonna be selling phones as a dealer at a local Walmart. I'm waiting on my background check and drug test results to clear before I start work.

I want the job but I am a bit apprehensive about what I got myself into. I'm really nervous. I'll be making salary+commission but I want to make a good impression.
No reason to be overly nervous, though things might sometimes be awkward, but that is true of any new job. Sales jobs become exponentially easier as you get more familiar with experience. It is important to not interrupt a customer as they are describing a need or a problem, no matter that you may have reached a conclusion about the resolution of their problem before they finished speaking. Respect the customer's need to fully articulate their need/problem. Listen To The Customer. This can't be over-stated.

The best thing about a sales job in a retail environment is that you will meet a lot of cool people, some of whom will have common interests with you and possibly be your next employer in a better field than retail sales. This has happened to me personally, and I now work in a better environment than retail sales. Good luck, my friend and keep your chin up. Ignore the burger flipper dude. He is negative energy personified.
Ask yourself: Is this job a good fit with my personality; is this really the kind of employment I want; am I going to be happy doing this; how will a lot of rejection affect me?

You're not likely to be a successful salesman if you bring your reported levels of self-doubt, anxiety and approval-seeking behavior out onto the sales floor.
Yes my comment was very explicitly about my own personal preference.

I think markcomm roles are inherently evil and find successful salespeople insufferable as people

so I definitely could not stand taking such a position.

But others may be happy as clams and make big bucks, that's what makes tge world go 'round

Vive la différence !