If Rogers makes a mistake and wrongfully charge you, their policy is...


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Jul 13, 2006
To not refund you if the mistake is over 3 months old. This is the case even for a business account holder.

If they wrongfully charge you hundreds of thousands and you don't catch it within 3 months they get to keep it? The way I see it, this is blatant theft.

That's such an awesome policy. The line of work I work in, our fees are generally in the 1000-10s of thousands, if we ever made the same policy and make a lot of mistakes, I would make millions more every year. (However we do pride ourselves in making 0 mistakes on billing, and not wrongfully charging our clients)

Dear Rogers, make sure your garbage policies get thrown out the door. Sincerely, client that will escalate this to whoever necessary to get the wrongfully charged amount back. Too bad I cant bill them for the time they waste me... it would be nice to recover a season or two's cell phone costs...
Well it is always a good idea to look at what you are paying for and after learning about this policy and losing money because of Rogers I've been looking at every single detail on every single bill. All I got was some credit that didn't even cover HALF of what was initially lost. That really pissed me off.