I'm willing to switch from Rogers, but to go where?


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Jan 9, 2006
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I've been with Rogers 12 years, currently on a plan with unlimited-Canada wide calling and 3GB of data. Until recently, it was $61/mo+tax but a $20 discount has expired and it is now $81/mo. I called them, asked them to reinstate the discount and they said no but offered to change me to a $95 plan. Got bumped to retentions and their best offer was 2GB of data for $75. Essentially no offers better than any advertised plan. :devil:

I'm willing to switch, but I can't find anything cheaper. I'm moving to Ottawa soon, so Wind might be an option, but I'd rather not as I travel a fair bit outside their coverage areas. Am I stuck?
There are some rumblings on the Wind forums of them changing their plans to include Canada wide roaming, so you wont have to pay extra when you're outside of a Wind zone. Only downside is the Wind network itself is pretty inconsistent in terms of data speed, in really congested areas my friends who are on it find it unusable.
I tried Wind in Ottawa in Jan 2013 but found coverage then was too inconsistent. I might try again when I move.
My husband and I have been with Rogers for over 20 years and we are considering switching. I was interested in Freedom but it's so spotty and with a business, that's not a good thing at all. We are paying $115/m for his phone which includes 6 GB data and a $12 for sharing with his iPad. I pay around $60/m for a pretty basic package. We want to cut back but still keep a local phone number (Kingston). Any suggestions who we should look at?