IMEI Generator For 5G Tablet


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Oct 4, 2004
I am looking for an IMEI generator to generate an IMEI for a 5G tablet.

this will help calculate the check digit, you would need to take a known IMEI and than you can change the last few digits and use this to calculate the final 'check digit'

i assume you are hoping to signup for a tablet plan to use in a different type of device ?
Maybe I am just crazy, but wouldn't doing this be considered as fraud?
Maybe I am just crazy, but wouldn't doing this be considered as fraud?

unlike the personal information or billing information I do not believe the IMEI entry section of plan signup pages have any disclaimers about the requirement for accuracy, it is more of a way to present appropriate plans for the device type. it is certainly 'gaming the system' but carriers can also block usage of devices when you move a SIM card and do in some but not all circumstances. my experience on tablet or data only plans on postpaid is that unless there is an unusually high amount of usage carrier will not suspend or interrupt service if the SIM is placed on a phone although they might if used in a dedicated hotspot device. they have typically been more aggressive going the other way when they had no unlimited option on tablets and people would place a phone SIM in the tablet.

prepaid branded services(Metro, Boost and Cricket in particular) on the other hand are typically more aggressive in blocking or suspending service moved to different device types.

actually changing/modifying an IMEI in a device to trick a carrier into thinking a hotspot is a tablet for example is a different story of course may in fact be fraud. i am assuming the OP simply wants to type an IMEI into an activation site so that certain rate plan options are presented. the end result no different than if they activated said device and than removed the SIM and placed in another device such as a phone they will not be using for calls or texts but only for data.

FWIW. i have seen multiple instances at cellular retail stores where corporate reps would suggest 'lying' or typing in a different IMEI than the one on a device if the device was known to be compatible but the IMEI would be rejected for some reason such as being an unknown, off brand or overseas device. this guidance coming from the same people advising to aggressively look out for 'fraud' by people intending to game promotional offering on handsets, the most common of which would be a discounted handset for a new line being used to upgrade an existing line.