Incoming GV calls forwarded to linked number: now using HD?

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Oct 28, 2008
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I just noticed this about a week ago, but I'll preface it by saying that ever since I first got handsets that had VoLTE active on them (around six years ago), I never noticed my incoming GV calls that came in over the carrier network (in my case, VZW, since I use Page Plus Cellular) showing the HD symbol in the in-call screen that shows in the display during a call.

Everything I had read online indicated this was normal, since it was said that GV's interface to the publicly switched cellular telephone network wasn't up to speed with that just yet. It never seemed to affect the call quality much that I could notice, so not a big deal.

But now I've seen the symbol during a recent incoming call, so I'd have to assume they've solved that issue, and the call is handled with VoLTE protocols all the way through (or at least that's what I'm inferring).

Has anyone else noticed this and can corroborate?
Unlikely. Google Voice uses the PSTN which is narrowband and uses the G.711 codec. HD voice needs something like the G.722 codec and I think is only going to work intra-carrier. Since you're using VZW if you call another VZW cellular phone directly (not using GV) there should be a noticeable difference in call quality. There definitely is for me when I call a buddy of mine who is also on VZW. He sounds like he's in the same room with me. That's HD voice.
If your call path traverses the PSTN at any point you won't be experiencing HD voice.
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I know what you mean about the quality of the audio. I'm just reporting what is indicated on the phone's display. I tested it this morning with an incoming call made from my work iPhone 14, on VZW proper. Same HD indication. I didn't answer the call.