iPad getting the wrong text messages

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Jun 9, 2019
Ok this one has me a little stumped. My friend just got an iPhone (11 Max) from her work, she also has a personal phone, iPhone (not sure which), that she will soon give up. She also has an iPad. All 3 are on the same Apple ID. Right now the iPad gets text messages from the personal phone only. ASAP or at least once the personal phone goes away, she wants the work phone texts to go to the iPad. How can I make this happen for her? Will it just happen when the old phone goes away? Is there a setting I need to tweak?
turn off the personal phone and send a test text from the work phone and see if it goes to the iPad.
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Master control is her Apple ID account where she can add or delete devices, phone numbers.

Secondary method is via settings > messages on iPad and / or iPhone. Can choose an email and / or phone number.
Of course, signing out of the Apple ID on iMessage on the phone will stop iMessages from being transmitted- all text will be SMS at that point.

When a new SIM card and phone # are initiated on the personal phone, iMessage should stop, but she will still want to remove the device her

Apple ID account.