iPhone 3G cases. Show us what you got !!

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I had two cases on my iPhone 3G.
One was the Case-mate which was always a well balanced case.

Second case was the Specks Candy Shell case which is sleek and extra nice on the physical appearance on the exterior.
I like this one cheap too
Here's mine:



With the anti-glare screen protector.

The red one looks good.
how to unlock an iphone

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I think this solution is the best to keep the phone from any danger while still appear stylish both while in use and in case
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Thank you shearing for good information nice article
Figure we should start a 3G case thread. Anyone get a good case yet ? Im waiting for my IS and Marware CEO pouch.What s more You can capture your cherished memories with the 2.0 MP camera ... Tell us what you think. Apple iPhone 3G - 8GB - Black (AT&T) Smartphone (MB046LL/A) ... and Internet search engines to show the highest price (excluding shipping and ..... Everyone got to be a gadget nerd for a day; even those completely more information
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