Is AT&T “Wireless Home Phone and Internet” VoIP or VoLTE?


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May 30, 2019
East Texas
I live in a rural area and have used AT&T WHPI for about 6 years. My interface box (ZTE Z700a) recently died and I’m wondering if I can accomplish the same function using separate components - an LTE modem and VoIP gateway (FXS)? I realize this might require me to know certain setup information such as SIP server names, ports, etc that is probably not advertised. Having an analog phone interface is important since I use it for my alarm system monitoring as well as a phone on my desk. I could change out my communicator in the alarm panel to go with IP based monitoring, but the monthly fee is substantially higher than dial-up.

Does anyone know what technology is used for the analog telephone interface on the ZTE700a? For that matter, the ZTE MF279 is the newer box that does the same thing.

Thanks in advance for any information that might help me with my quest to get away from at&t’s proprietary box.