Is my Phone unlocked?


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How do I tell if my Phone is unlocked? Or any reason to care?
How do I tell if my Phone is unlocked? Or any reason to care?

Which phone model?

With iPhones you can tell by looking in the settings.

Settings -> General -> About -> Carrier Lock : No SIM restrictions - > Means it is unlocked.

For Android devices you may be able to tell by opening the TF UNLOCK Menu by dialing #TFUNLOCK# (#83865625#)
If unlocked already it may state that. Use the phone's native dialer app for that.

Gold standard for either is to insert a non-Tracfone company related provider sim (like Tello) in it to see if it is accepted.

I texted: unlock to 611611 on a long ago unlocked but recently reactivated TF branded Android Samsung phone to see what it would return and it stated congrats device will be eligible to unlock 12/26/22.

Running the unlock menu shows that it is already unlocked. In addition to using Tello sims with it.

Four returns the correct IMEI.

I didn't include this in the post above as a way to check device unlock status but I guess texing unlock to 611611 to get unlocking information may not always be reliable.

Added: there is a deactivation on 10/26/22 (I transferred line to another phone) with this device in the accounts Transactions area and also a reactivation on 10/30/22 after I transferred a ported line from the other phone back into it. The rep had to correct the line on the previous phone because my buckets and service end date got wiped with the port in. Bucket units and time were restored with corporate office help. Actually, now I recall I had to force 611611 to update the balance and end date to the correct amounts and time and I did that with a $5 text purchase. So maybe its kind of like that in that unlock info displayed by the 611611 system is not up to date/was reset on that line because of that fix somehow.

Added: the website shows that it has been unlocked already, offering to resend the codes.

But anyway, my strange issue aside, texting unlock to 611611 or visiting here and entering info may also give hints as to unlock status in addition to the more tried and true stuff above.

Added: I believe there is also a non TF affiliated website that can check to see if a device has been unlocked.


Last Add... iPhones generally unlock automatically on 60th day and you can check to see if it did that in the settings like mentioned above.

To unlock an Android device you have to request the unlock codes on 60th day via the TF unlocking page here:!!/dl5/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

You'll receive codes by email. Sometimes they are displayed on the site.

You can also request both to be unlocked via the TF unlocking department: 888 442 5102
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