Is this true?

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Sep 1, 2006
iPhone5 / Galaxy S4
I have had 5 customers in the past week that had iPhones that were out of warranty. They told me that Apple will replace them for free. Two of them were 3g's. In my head I said "yeah right" but so many people have said the same thing... is it true?

I've heard it's at the discretion of an Apple Genius if it's in warranty or not.
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I've heard it's at the discretion of an Apple Genius if it's in warranty or not.
Yup. Seems to happen fairly regularly. They score highest in customer service/satisfaction for a reason.
They even replaced an Iphone 4 that was water damaged! So, I'm pretty sure it's true under Apple's discrection!
There is a 90 day grace period. If you're out of warranty, less than 90 days have elapsed since the warranty end date, the official policy is to service your product as if it is in warranty.

For a short period of time, Apple had an initiative called "get to a yes" where Apple technicians were instructed to service products even if they were out of warranty or had liquid or physical damage. This was ended within months as Apple started to realize how much money they were losing.

The official policy now, is to not service phones for free when they are out of warranty for more than 90 days or have liquid or physical damage. However, with new operational changes at the "Genius Bars", technicians are under immense pressure to keep their appointment queues on time, just like Rogers call centre employees have call handle times, the genius bar teams at Apple stores are measured on how on time their appointments are. A combination of understaffing and overbooking has led many technicians to service products for free even when the customer is not entitled to it just to keep the queue moving on time.
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I've had two friends take in smashed screen i4's to the genius bar in Ottawa Rideau and have them replaced. It's ludicrous.

I never break my phones, never suffer defective phones....but still I wish I would have such good fortune lol.