Java working on the 710


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Aug 24, 2004
Using the latest Telus flash, java apps and games are now loadable on the v710. No more brew apps, woot! Im posting the flash to shooters site and will post instructions in a bit. Definitly good times.

Awesome. Thanks for all the hard work u put into unlocking this phones features! It is definately appreciated by many of us.

will we be able to run BREW and JAVA apps? or one or the other?
One or the other as far as I know, but, heh why go back.
Great news Dave!

Are you going to post instructions here?
... I know I'm ready. :D
I am with TELUS and i just updated my software. my question do we load games and apps onto our phones?
Ill keep my site updated as dave puts out the info
man, I was so jealous the other day when my friend was playing minigolf on his sony erricsson. Heh, not anymore..I have the same game.

I actually use the iDatebook App to sync my calendar with my work email....I wonder if there is a JAVA version exactly did u get games on your phone using the new telus flash? Can you please explain in detail?

I have the new software from telus on my phone...however, there is NO way to put apps and games on it
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Always good to see new happenings with this phone. Your work, as always, is greatly apprecitated :haveadrin
So What else does this flash bring to the table?

JAVA Enabled

Anything else?

I'm toying with do I want to go from BREW to JAVA. Any killer apps out there for Java?

Is there a JAVA IM client (the BREW one still doesn't support iTAP)

****! And I just downloaded from GIN their chess game. Seriously, just wanted to say Thanks! to SD for all his hard work. I'll be waiting for the instructions on using this flash, just was curious though...will we have to do any seem editing after flashing with Telus so we can still use MPT for ringtone/wallpaper/video transfers? Also, if anyone has a way to get me Karpov Chess or Chessmaster please clue me in.
just wondering if there is any audio/signal problems with this flash like those experienced in the SD release...

Here is a quick start, im sure I and others can clean it up better as we go.

Start with flashing the phone with the flash file contained in
, you will need to apply the flex contained in this flash also.

After you load the flash and the flex, you can then using bitpim add the files contained in the zip at

That should give you the game Minigolf under the tools menu (also a hugo app not working to show the format for the next file in selector). From there you can see the format in the selector.utf to add your own. More later.

ok....The site you are hosting the files at has ASP errors. :(

I flashed with the firmware and everything looks good. I go into the GIN menu and now see TOOLS and GAMES but keys don't work.

I am hoping its because I need that appdb file which I can't get yet

thanks for all the help superdavex.

can you please explain what the FLEX does? I already have the new software that Telus put on my phone today
ok got it! Now where do we add the files in the File system? :)