KRZR Music Player Not Working


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Jan 28, 2007
I have a KRZR and so far have loved it. Now I'm running into problems with the music player. When I first put a couple of songs on my card the player worked great. I have a 2GB card and I put about a gig worth of mp3s on it the other day. Now when I try to open the music player it does one of a couple of things. Either it begins to start the app and then shuts back to the main screen or it starts and ltakes forever to load the songs and then I get an error message that says "Error M508: Application Error. An error has occurred. Please try again later." I can't play any music on the phone and this makes me pretty mad as this was one of the main reasons I bought this phone. Any hints?
I am having the same problem. bought the phone of eBay new works fine until I try to play any audio than it either freezes or restarts at main screen and does not run right for awhile after. seems to play fine with the java music player though. :sad:
I have the Sprint version of this phone. Can you get the java player for it? the music store sucks.
ahhh i too have this problem but it seems we are without help. anyone figured this out yet?
I can say the Verizon and Alltel K1M do NOT support 2gig MicroSD cards.

The phone can/will display the correct capacity... but can NOT make use of it. The phone has problems actually accessing data beyond the 1gig limit. i.e. load up more than 1gig on the card (some have been ok up to 1.2gig) and the phone can NOT make use of the data (songs/pix/videos) that reside past that 1gig mark. In some cases the phone just will not play the song, or will not dispaly the picture/video... in other cases, the phone will reset itself.

Formatting the card in the phone vs PC makes NO Difference.

And there has been no firmware fix for this phone to allow use of the FULL 2gig of space on a 2gig card.

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Not sure about the GSM Krzr K1.. like Cingular and T-mobile may sell.. See the discussion in the PLAIN MOTO section ->

95% of the users in that thread are GSM users.

At the time that thread was started... only 2 phones worked with 2gig TF... The Moto A1200 (GSM) and the LG Chocolate VX8500 (CDMA).

Not sure if GSM firmware has been released to get around this.