Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 E 6920 sounds warbly.

I meant stick with the same model. Or similar.

I too use my phones mainly for talk and text. Data rarely since there's always wifi around. If I really like a phone I stick with it. If it breaks I get another of the same. I'll keep it till any of the very few apps I use are no longer supported or the tech demands I get another like when VoLTE became a requirement. I have a Moto E4 released in 2017, stuck on android 7.1 for many years, still going strong since day one. I have 2 Moto E6's released in 2019, stuck on android 9, still going strong. People seem to have more issues with the latest and greatest then some of these older tried and true.

OS updates are way over rated unless maybe you're blasting allot of personal info through the air waves or the apps you use demand it. When LTE phases out, which is years away, you'll need something new then.

Just spend $50-$60 and pick up another ATT E6920 if you really like it and it services your purpose. If your warble is still there you'll know it's not the phone and you'll have a backup if one really goes totally bad.