LG 6100/8100 - can't find a working driver


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May 31, 2006
LG 8100
I have an LG8100 that I'm using for a tester in my attempts to find a driver for a 6100 so a buddy of mine can download pics from his phone onto his PC. I'm using a USB cable he bought off of ebay and it came with the common problem of NOT having functional drivers included and no decent source to locate them, in this case drivers for Win XP Pro. It's not like I haven't tried googling and experimenting with drivers I come up with and in fact I've tried maybe half a dozen or so. I've also looked in here for drivers and the same problem occurs, the result is shown below. This crap has gone on for well over 4 hours; I'm a patient person but there has just GOT to be a better way. The problem is, every driver I find results in the following shown below. So what is the trick to getting a working driver and no, buying some $60 cable with software is not the right answer. Thanks in advance.

*In the pic below, if you "continue anyway" the result is non-functional. It can be removed using control panel >>> remove software.

Never mind, 6 hours into it and I finaly got it going. No pain, no gain :hehehe: .
Just wondering if a kind soul has the drivers for the LG VX 6100 as well. Same boat, just want to get some pics off my phone. I had a disk I bought off eBay but I can't find it now, and apparently the drivers have been expunged from the interwebs.