List of non-Wifi capable smart and sub-smart phones.

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Apr 24, 2012
I am wondering what phones are out there that are smart phones or sub-/almost-smart phones without Wi-Fi capability (phones that have a browser feature but cannot access wireless networks independent of the cell phone service provider (i.e., complimentary hotspots at libraries/book stores, Starbucks; home networks)).

I'd appreciate it if you could mention the phone's by brand or date of release if that information is conveniently within reach. I imagine that most of these types of phones are flip-phones and sub-/almost-smart phones, but am wondering also if any true smart phones, including Android phones, would fall under this category.
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thanks raiku
I m also in need of same information regarding wifi compatibility. Most of the time I form Hotspot of my android phone will always loose my data, there fore it would not be secured application of android.
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