logging into GAD for the first time

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Karen Newton

New member
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Sep 30, 2012
But I got the error message:

Telephone error 600 Cannot login Dn voice 2001890 MAM_AVAYA_ARS

Does anyone know what I can do? It's too late for me to call support.
1st off on all of the screens try to access tools and clear your caches!

Then lollies srd, re log into citrix, load icm, activate sparc , and then gad.

Error messages like that could mean you are still logged into systems or logged improperly.

Make sure yer TL know about it and post in production, help chat, and etc if yer out longer than 15min

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Please may sure post discretely..... Under contract we are not allowed to post in social media About anything company related or systems!

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Thanks for replying. I've never been able to log in. They have mixed up my Avaya id and my Oasys id.
What do you mean by "lollies srd"?
Why are you posting this in a public forum? You should be contacting IT Support or report it to your Manager.