Looking to replace VOIP with Cellular home phone but


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Apr 16, 2012
Hi, I have been using the OOMA telo for years and loved it but after a lightning storm my internet drops out every once in awhile which drops my calls. I am wondering if there is a cellular home phone service that has the 2 things I like best about OOMA.. 1. a blocklist that I can control easily... 2. call forwarding.?

Thanks for any answers
Blind Mike
But won’t that be a bit expensive for you? I have heard there are plenty of VoIP services now that even work quite well in the presence of a poor internet connection. I suggest you look around a bit because there are cheap VoIP alternatives out there. Speaking from personal experience, more people are switching to VoIP because of their cheap rates. So I won’t recommend switching to a cellular home phone service instead of a VoIP.