Lost HERE Drive+

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Jul 23, 2008
Nokia Lumia 640, Motorola Moto E4
I've had a Lumia 635 for several weeks, two days ago I added a micro sd card, since then I've done something and can't find HERE Drive+ or Here Maps. It's not pinned, showing in the all apps list nor in Storage Sense. It's the only app that seems to have vanished since adding the card and I'm not sure what I did to make that happen but my biggest issue is I can't find the app in the Microsoft store to reinstall it.

Any suggestions on how to get this reinstalled on my phone would be appreciated.
I think you must of deleted it I ran into an problem like that, I have an lumia 640 after installing an 128 sd card that happened all I did was factory reset and all was good

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Thanks, I was hoping to avoid a factory reset, didn't want to go through setting everything up again but if it's the only way to get it back I'll do it.
Factory reset did it, all apps are back to original config and currently updating. Now just have to set it up to my preference AGAIN.