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Help: Songs in My Music don't play anymore

They worked fine at one point. Not sure what has happened since then and why they aren't working now.
aussieboss said:
iSync is not compatible with LG phones.

its not compatible ANYMORE with my e815. it use to be, but something happend, hmmm verizon?

my new u620 is not compatible with my mac. my u620 sees my mac, but my mac doesnt see my u620.
BitPim works through bluetooth with the V. the EnV is already unlocked on the bluetooth for OBEX, you don't need isync to work with it. besides, it is designed for PDA's not handsets
Comm Port

i went to system preferences paired the phone then clicked edit serial port and configured it accordingly, then started up bitpim and selected the new port i created. bitpim now recognizes my phone but i get errors when sending back to my phone it starts to work then i get error when manipulating the file system.
I'm hoping someone can help me. I have been tring to get bitpim to work with no avail. I've read through this lengthy thread and haven't found an answer. I am running an older grey G4 with 10.3.9. I have tried using bitpim version .9.1.0, 1.0.0 and 1.0.1. The phone I have is an VX8300. I've tried setting bitpim to the 8100. My com ports are as follows:
/dev/cu.usbmodem0811 (this is under available),
USB Device - Vendor LG Electroncs, Product VX Series Phone (Direct USB connection), (Interface Modem Interface), USB Device - Vendor LG Electroncs, Product VX Series Phone (Direct USB connection), (Interface Modem Interface) (both of these are under "Ports not available"),
and under "Inoperable ports" we have /dev/cu.modem.

I have tried the first 4. Each time I got to edit and hit detect phone. It thinks and then bitpim crashes. I've tried phone wizard and have even tried trashing the preferences file. I'd like to see my phone but I am at a loss as to where to go. I am using a usb cable as well. Some help would greatly appreciated as I am at my wits end. :mad:

aussieboss said:
I think it is high time we minorities have our own thread on this subforum. Often I see that questions specific to Mac users get lost in the chatter or are very difficult to find, even using a search. So I am hoping that by starting this thread, we can work together to hone in on computer/cellphone interface questions that are specific to Mac users. I hope this is helpful to you Mac users out there, including myself!

OK so I wanna start this subject by bringing up one issue that we seem to share: iSync is not compatible with LG phones. This leads me to a couple of questions: has anyone found a way to get bluetooth to work using bitpim? If so, how?
This company has software that will work with a USB cable and the Mac with the LG phones. It also works with MacBook Pro and the Intel chip. They say it will enable transferring music to the phone as well as isync with the address book.
fmp3 said:
I am a small business owner who needs to be online a good bit for my business. I travel a good bit. I have a MacBook (intel) that does not have capabilities of inserting an Aircard (at least that I know of). Currently my carrier is AT&T and has been for 15 years.

I want to know suggestions for a phone that I can use to:

1. Get online easily to go to my manufacturers web sites
2. Receive and send email with ease
3. Sync with my calendar program (I've used Now Up to Date for years and years)
4. Have decent SPEED and CONNECTION stability
5. Has a shot at having a decent connection via Bluetooth

I really appreciate any ideas. Thanks

Frank Parks
Lafayette, Louisiana
The LG VX8300 works with the MacBook Pro using the software shown below:

I know on Verizon it will give broadband on EV-DO using an USB cable. It can use isync with the Mac address book as well as sending pictures, ring tones calandar back and forth to the phone. It looks like the software will work with AT&T as well as Verizon.
Martin Basch
Molly B said:
The LG VX8300 works with the MacBook Pro using the software shown below:

How, exactly, are you handling the sync? As I see it, you have to transfer the Address Book to DataPilot, re-edit all the entries that have formatting hiccups (which is a ton), then transfer to the phone...which erases whatever is already on there.

That’s not all, though. If I add anything to Address Book, I also have to add it to DataPilot, right...? This seems like a lot of steps.

If I add a number on the phone, I also have to manually add it to both the Address Book and DataPilot too....?

Is there an easier way that all this jumping around, or am I missing something?
I didn't realize it didn't sync with the address book on the Mac. I am using the online service Verizon offers that creates and syncs the phone with an address book on MyAccount with Verizon on their web site. I haven't used this software since they didn't answer questions I sent by email. I had used Smith Micro's software on the Motorola 710 to sync to the Mac Address book and assumed this would do the same. Have you emailed DataPilot to find out why it won't sync with the Mac address book?
Any idea how to recover files, which I accidentally deleted from my MacBook?

A recommended approach is to use reliable data recovery software designed for Mac systems. I found a useful article on this topic that provides insights into recovering deleted files on a Mac: The article covers various methods, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your case. Keep in mind that the success of the recovery process can also depend on your level of technical expertise, so choose a method that aligns with your skills
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