Mittycd is now squeekers99

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Feb 10, 2006

Hello. I had a transaction with MITTYCD off HoFo done through the BST forums and things have gone bad. I saw that the person, before I bought, had a successful transaction and I trusted him/her. I now see the member is banned. I paid through PayPal, which will cover the transaction, but this really concerns me that other members may get burned.

First, the wrong item was sent and the second shipment still has not arrived. They gave me a valid tracking number for the wrong shipment, but an invalid one for the second shipment.

I have been dealing with a Misty Cartagena, who says she did the transaction for David Harkai. The email address Misty is using is I don't know how much you can tell me, but is Misty really mittycd?

Misty says that she did the transaction for David, but I suspect that they are one in the same.

Please let me know if I can give you any more information.
Yes, another member reported Mittcd for scam as he received a computer book instead of a phone. Explanation from Mittycd is that she doesn't know anything, David is the one who suppose to ship it, which is a complete BS to me.

Report to PP right away, but I doubt anything positive will happen at this point.

Again, this member is a brand spanking newbie joined in MArch 2010. I'm disappointed that you get scam again if that really happened. I believe you got scammed not too long ago, isn't it?

*Found the previous case from you...
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Yes, you are correct. I was scammed a few months ago. I also checked mittycd out before hand to see if he/she had made a successful transaction and he/she had. I also checked out mittycd before paying to make sure that person was PayPal verified.

I also have had more than one good transaction on HoFo as a buyer.

You are right, mittycd was new, but not a virgin seller.
I just received email contact from "Misty." She says David Harkai's email address is If you would like I will keep you posted.

I'm really sorry for all the trouble I have caused and plan on using HoFo Marketplace for my phone purchases from now on. It is much safer, it seems.
Few feedbacks on HOFO is not means a Green light automatically. There are many members here which have tons of feedbacks (3 pages and up and also received positive feedback recently). Those members are usually safe to deal with. Again, safest is to deal face to face and do check/test everything before handing out cash.
Hello. I got ripped off from mittycd, as you know before. I have caught him/her in bst as squeekers99. I asked for a place for feedback and that member gave me their handle as mittycd. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. BTW, I would have never bought from that member anyway, as they are a new member and I have learned my lesson.
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david harkai aka ron aka david frost

if u wanna know where he is in LV he has warrents for his arrests in michigan.....hes at1229 swanbrook dr LV NV 89114

hes also on