Mobile Game Engine SIO2 version 2.x is now available!

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Jan 21, 2011
Finally after months of work the new version of SIO2, the #1 game engine used by independent mobile game developers, is now out and available for download! A complete reconstruction of the core API have been done, and the engine is now available with twice more features, a wide range of new goodies, twice faster than the previous version and comes with a brand new SDK and a FREE cross platform, working out of the box, mobile game development tool chain allowing you to get started right away.

Feature rich, extremely fast, flexible and scalable, SIO2 allows you to easily create professional 2D and 3D AAA game titles for your favorite mobile platform, and due to its unique core architecture, also gives you the opportunity to develop your mobile games on MacOS (XCode) and/or Windows (Visual C++).


For those of you who don't know the engine, SIO2 is a cross platform state of the art 2D/3D game engine framework for mobile devices, that uses the power of OpenGL ES at its core to deliver lightning fast graphics and provide you all the modern game engine functionalities such as: collision detection, rigid and soft body physic and constraints, pathfinding for AI, networking, BG and FX sounds, video to texture, render to texture, advanced image processing, skeleton animation, advanced materials and lighting (just to name a few), built in right at its core and accessible via an easy to use structure oriented C/C++ syntax.


If you want more information about the full features of SIO2 visit

Contrarily to other solution out there, SIO2 doesn't force you to use any specific world editor to code and build your games, SIO2 is using existing industry proven 3D game content creation software and turn them into a world editor where WYSIWYG. And using an exporter convert, optimize and package your scene(s) into a unique file format, build for your mobile gaming device, only with a simple click.


Basically built like a graphic driver, SIO2 is THE 2D/3D mobile game graphic API for technical programmers that want to create real intellectual properties around their game creations without being bound by any other 3rd party solution that might put you into a corner imposing you to only code via their scripting interface, doesn't allow you to bypass their limitations and even force your artists to re-learn what they have already learn by pushing them to use their own 3D world editor.

With SIO2 you don't have to worry about that.


The SIO2 APIs are entirely built in C/C++ for maximum speed and flexibility, and for those who are less familiar with low level programming, every SIO2 API are available via a LUA scripting interface that also come along with all the GLES and AL API.

In addition, with SIO2 you are not limited, you can also easily mix your code with any other existing GLES modules or libraries that you already possessed, which allows you to re-use your existing code along with the SIO2 framework.

In other words, with SIO2, you have full control and all the freedom to built whatever type of game you like, with the features that you want, while having full control over EVERY pieces of code.

The SIO2 SDK is available for Download at, and after a simple registration, you will instantly gain access to everything you need to start creating 2D/3D game for your mobile device today!


Progressive, extremely complete and thorough, the SIO2 SDK contains over 20 step by step fully detailed tutorials along with their source code, documentation, all 2D and 3D assets, full SIO2 API documentation and examples, getting started documents and learning resources, other game development tools and time saving applications as well as two FULLY functional 2D and 3D game also containing full source code and assets.

To learn more about SIO2 visit
Latest SIO2 Engine News

New SIO2 Mac App. Store Migration Kit


Migrate your SIO2 iOS Applications to the Mac App Store!

We have now release the SIO2 Migration Kit, this kit will allow you to easily convert your iOS App. into a stand alone executable ready to be uploaded on the Mac App. Store. The conversion process couldn't be easier, every SIO2 v2.x features are supported, the kit comes with documentation, template and tutorial that will teach you how ton migrate in a few minutes your Apps, and give you the opportunity to take over the Top 10 of the Mac Store Today!

The SIO2 Migration Kit comes as an optional package for Certified or Licensed SIO2 Developers, to purchase your SIO2 Migration Kit today visit:

Maya Exporter v1.0 is now available!

You can now export your SIO2 Scene using Maya no more Blender only!

Even if its the first release of the exporter, it already support all major features that you can find inside the Blender SIO2 Exporter. You can now build and preview your Scene(s) inside the Maya 3d viewport, set physics properties, sounds etc. and export mesh, cameras, lamps, materials and every other assets using the exporter.

The SIO2 Maya Exporter is now part of the default SIO2 SDK and available for FREE inside the SDK.

SIO2 Live is now Available for Certified and Licensed Developers!


No more back and forth export! Everything is now LIVE and in real time!

SIO2 Live is a real time TCP/IP protocol that allows you to "Live Edit" your SIO2 scene using Blender and Python. The SIO2 Live system consists of two distinctive part, a server and a client. The server is a standard executable containing the SIO2 library linked to it and can run on the iOS Simulator, any iDevices and even on the SIO2 Windows Simulator.

Visit the Tools section of your SIO2 Developer Control Panel at, and start right away to "Live Edit" your SIO2 Scene within Blender.
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SIO2 News: SIO2 v2.x Exporter for Blender v2.56a is available for download!


SIO2 News: SIO2 v2.x Exporter for Blender v2.56a is available for download!

Since now the Blender v2.5x Python API are near stable, it was time to port the good old Blender v2.49b exporter to the new and amazing version of Blender v2.5x.

You can grab your copy of the exporter in attachment to this forum post: as it is currently maintained on the forum and will be integrated as a part of the next SIO2 SDK revision that should be out soon.

An online manual is also available, please take note that there is quite a few changes compare to the Blender v2.49b version, make sure you read the manual before porting your SIO2 Scene to the latest Blender version.
SIO2 Exporter v1.0.5 for Blender v2.56a is now out!

The new exporter now support ALL the SIO2 features that can be exported right out of the latest Blender version.

In addition automatic conversion functionalities have been added to make sure that you can now simply open your good old SIO2 scene using Blender v2.49b in v2.56a and simply click the export button to convert them automatically.

Until the next revision of SIO2 the script can still be found in attachment to the first post of this forum thread:

iPad 2 A5 Chip and SIO2

With the arrival of the new iPad 2, new frontiers can now be reached! We had the the opportunity to test the whole SDK on the platform and it works great with a huge performance boost!

In addition, special modifications and optimization have been made to SIO2 v2.0.11 (and up) to extract the most from the power of the new iPad 2 A5 chip. Theses changes are now available and included inside the latest version of the SIO2 SDK, accessible from our "SDK Download" section inside your SIO2 Developer Control Panel.