Moto e6 DING DING spam alert-- how to disable it?


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Jul 26, 2017
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My Moto e6 spam caller alert is a loud annoying ding ding ding and I want to know if there's any way to disable that sound so it just rings?

I don't answer anonymous numbers anyway so I don't need to be warned they might be spam.

None of my other phones does that. The funny part is that I called myself from a new phone to test it and my own incoming call started the spam alert.

If anyone can help, thanks!

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Well, I never learned how to switch off the annoying spam call notification sound, but something I did while trying to find out how to turn it off caused the noisy ding ding ding to stop.

Under phone settings, "Caller ID & Spam" is switched on, but "Filter Spam Calls" is set to off. I wonder if those settings are the ones that control it.

I also block listed the number that seemed to be showing up most when hearing the ding ding alert.

One weird thing, a spam call came through on one of my other phones and it had a name associated with the number, "Rock Shop" as if it was on my contact list (but isn't). I had no idea spam callers could add info to incoming caller ID. I figured if it isn't a number on my call list it won't show any info but the number.

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