moto g stylus 5G (2023)

Got this for $0 + $40 only 1 month required for unlock after 6 months from Metro. It does have MicroSD capability. I'm hoping & pretty confident it'll work on Visible by Verizon with an already activated SIM.
I'm glad to hear that it has microsd. I just ordered one from Amazon yesterday. I know Cricket would have been cheaper but I didn't want to go through hoops plus it would have been Cricket branded.

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I'm still planning on getting this phone...kinda have no choice I have a cracked screen on my current G Stylus 5G...but shouldn't the 2024 model be out by now?
I think the 2023 model was available around July.
When it does arrive, will likely be hundred$ more expensive, at least for the first X months
which is funny cause it'll be identical to the last one (spec wise) just with the ability to get a more current version of android.
That sounds about right. I somehow tend to get phones JUST as their new model comes out lol
I usually wait another generation past that to get best value for money

especially secondhand on eBay.

A family meal out is around my upper limit for phones
I know the 2024 version should be coming out on it, barebones as it is, says May 30th, but nothing about whenever Cricket will get it. May 30th as well? June 30th? Next year? :/
Do you have evidence that ATT even bought into that model for Cricket?

If so it usually is pretty concurrent with the base model release
It's here, finally, at Cricket.

Thing is, I went into a Cricket store and asked them about it a week ago...they said if I want to get the unlocked version I can and to just bring it to them and they'll do their magic (not their words lol).

The unlocked version, available at Motorola themselves and Best Buy, is about a $100 more but you get more storage (256gb vs 128gb) and an option of another color (Red). Probably more ram too: they haven't put up the RAM specs yet but I'm betting its 4gb, while the unlocked version has 8gb. Plus that ram boost (which I've read is automatically turned on so you'd have to disable it if you want to) that can boost it to 16gb by using some of the memory from the storage.

Decisions decisions.