Verizon Motorola Droid A855 (aka Tao/Sholes/Shules/Flash) Pre-Release Thread

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Wooooooo! now it's getting good. I'll be there in the morning of the 1st.
kbman said:
"Quoth the raven...nevermore!"


Very nice looking.
As a V9m owner since it was released the summer of 2007, I've been looking for something new with a metal body, touchscreen, good camera, and nice UI.
Maybe the Tao will be the one???
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16GB on board storage? Google Chrome sync? If true, very impressive... but I have my reluctancies to believe it...
seriously December?!

crap... I am not quite sure my enV can last that long...
TBH, after reading that....a lot of it really is redundant.

Either it's not real, or they need to seriously hire a new copywriter.

If it is, 16gb onboard memory = woot!

12/1...meh, I can wait :)
man...i hope 12/1 in phone release talk isnt like 12/1 in Jordan shoe release talk where it means any time in december...12/1 is only 2 weeks after my ne2 comes to life..still happy!!
Haha now I am pumped yet letdown that it's not going to be out for 2 months.

But hte 16 GB onboard (if true) will be sweeeet

But I am kind of let down that I didn't see anything about multi-touch.
kbman said:
Hmmm...this is getting much better...a surfeit of ancient e815 users joining the fray...don't get me started! :clapping:
My first phone on Verizon was a E815. lol.

The only thing that's making me hesitate to pick up this phone is that I'm going abroad for a year starting next August. Sometimes I really wish that Verizon is a GSM carrier.
I know this is nitpicking most likely....

But, if you are going to add all those button icons at the bottom, (I don't like em..just seem to kinda goofy up an otherwise good looking piece of hardware) then seems silly not to add send/end one's.

The renders had a much cleaner layout, still sans the send/end.

By no means a deal breaker in any way. Just observation. :) I'm sure send/end will be screen driven.
well 2 months is a long time if its true...they can change all kinds of things by then..

but i does seem weird.
Please resist flooding this thread with talk of old/other phones.

Hopefully those with early experience w/ the Sholes/Tao can chime in on this 16GB internal storage rumor. Up until now, I've only seen the following mentioned for internal storage:
512MB ROM, 256MB RAM
Keep this thread on topic.

Posts that are not about the phone or those commenting on those posts should be avoided.
Back on topic: How is the camera on the phone? Can any one of the testers post some sample pictures of what the camera can do, or is that not allowed?
It's supposed to be nice. Also the flash is also really nice and bright.
WOW thanks for the photo and AndroidandMe leak :angel:

Somehow I'm most excited about syncing with Chrome on PC, and flash support... The "thinnest qwerty phone" sounds FANTASTIC.

Since Android 2.0 will have OpenGL ES 2.0 support, I hope someone designs a more attractive UI for it, like Tegra's or something... because stock Android really fugly.... But overall GREAT GREAT GREAT :)
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ffcsquall24 said:
i love this phone so much, its UI looks wonderful.
It's stock Android.... I'd be heart broken if this is how Eclair will look like.
kbman said:
He is referring to the Napoleon, which I agree has exceptional build quality as well as performance...but he already discussed that shortly after the post you quoted.

That is absolutely correct.
Does anyone know if this phone will use a standard USB charger or a proprietary charger?
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