Netgear Nighthawk

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Jun 8, 2006
Can you use the Netgear Nighthawk on Verizon?

If so, what is the process just remove sim from phone and install in Nighthawk router?
The Nighthawk has to be unlocked (through AT&T). You’ll need a MiFi data only SIM from Verizon, and you’ll need to manually add the APN for Verizon.

I have an mr1100 myself. But I’m still paying through the nose to AT&T for my truly unlimited plans with them.

I’ve moved all of my phones to Verizon (4) and picked up two MiFi 8800L’s. They’re good at $15/mo but the hard throttle after 15GB sux. I had to get two as we easily use at least 30GB/mo.

I’ve never tried my mr1100 on Verizon. But I’m not sure if it supports every band/CA combo VZW uses. I’m sure it would work, but probably not as fast

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