New larger Fire tablet being introduced


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Oct 28, 2008
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Just saw on Best Buy's website. They have available for pre-order a new Amazon tablet, the Fire Max 11, which as the name suggests is an 11" diagonal tablet. I didn't get the particulars, but the price appears to start around $230 for a 64 GB storage version, and there's a 128 GB version as well (maybe others too). No idea on RAM.

Personally, after owning the models I own, I don't know if I see a market for going further "up market" with the FireOS platform. I still use and appreciate mine, but unless a user is totally immersed in the Amazon ecosystem, you're better off with a more Google-friendly Samsung, Lenovo or other straight Android tablet, even if you have to pay a little more.

But Amazon could always wise-up on their end and come to an agreement with Google and change their OS to allow full compatibility with Google apps. A person can dream, can't they?
I have no problem using the Google apps on my Fire 10. Just gotta install the right stuff in the right order first .
I think the higher price of the new Fire tablets will be a problem.