New Shaw Internet Packages

Dec 15, 2006
Koodo Mobile
After public backlash to their proposed usage based billing (UBB) internet pricing Shaw completed 34 town hall meetings across the country to hear how their customers wanted. Shaw complied the information obtained from the meetings and developed the two stage plan that will changed the focus from their television offerings to the internet.

Shaw has decided to convert all analog television tiers to digital programming. This huge undertaking will triple the capacity of the network, leaving more room for Internet, HD and On Demand programming. The conversion will occur neighborhood by neighborhood starting in August 2011 and will take 16 months to complete.

Customers will be able to select from the current Internet packages or one of the five new Broadband Packages. The data cap on Shaw Lite Speed, Shaw High Speed, and Shaw Extreme (all currently offered) has been approximately doubled from the current data limit.

The new Broadband Packages will be rolled out in two phases. Phase 1 is currently available, phase 2 will be rolled out starting in Fall 2011 as part of the Digital Network upgrade. Three of the five packages have a data limits, the other two are unlimited.

As mentioned previously phase 2 will be a rolling launch starting in Fall 2011. Broadband 250 will be added featuring 250Mbps download and a 1TB cap, with an unlimited option for $20 more.

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