New uniforms

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Nov 4, 2004
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Lol Have you guys seen what our new uniforms will look like?
Do they have a Canadian Flag on the arm to show patriotism?
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They look good but are just a bit small/overdressed for retail.
Making you all look pretty won't improve the lack of service received in many of the Rogers Plus also won't reduce the line ups in those stores, nor will it make Rogers seem any better.
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I don't think uniforms were supposed to change the above issues WIRC. Perhaps now that Rogers is getting out of the Entertainment business they can pay more attention to Cable and Wireless. Hopefully with renovations Rogers can begin to cross-train and empower their store agents to handle billing/tech support related issues. This should make a difference, as the last thing customers want to be told to do is to call in for assistance. Lots of people go into stores to get a better deal because of the competition and refuse to call in to speak with Customer Relations.