Newbie Help with Upgrade to 6S


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Nov 2, 2015
Hey guys!

I just wanted some help/advice as to how to get an upgrade to an iPhone 6S without breaking the bank.

My current plan with Rogers is : 500MB with canadian long distance, unlimited text&talk, voice mail, caller ID on a iPhone 4S at $60+tax/month, the contract for that plan is technically almost done at the end of December, and there's a $0 balance left on the device tab.

What I would like to upgrade to is the 64GB iPhone 6S with at least 1GB and unlimited text/talk, voicemail and caller ID for under $100/month with tax included. In terms of paying for the phone, ideally I don't want to spend more than 300$ i know it's retailed at like $500 but getting a better deal is why I'm here! :D

I've never dealt with Retention with my phone and I'm not one to yell over the phone either, so any advice on how to get this or something close would be amazing!