T-Mobile Nexus One: Non T-Mobile 3G phone /w grandfathered T-Mobile Internet?

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My data plan quit this morning. I switched back to my old phone. If I can't use T-zones I'm switching off T-mobile. Their reception is utter **** and not worth that kind of money.
Same thing here for me in S. Florida. But I can assure you that T-Mobile’s Data Network is up and running. Changed to my debranded TM-506, and could do everything: web browsing, e-mail access, google maps, no problem at all. Full Internet Access, either EDGE, GPRS or 3G. Did the same tests on my old P910a, everything works as it should. Put the SIM card back to Nexus One, and get the same problem, no access at all.
On other phones, all 3 APN’s: wap.voicestream.com, epc.t-mobile.com & internet2.voicestream.com worked well. On Nexus One, wap.voicestream.com, doesn’t even connect to the data network, internet2 and epc, do connect both to EDGE & 3G, but it’s being send to T-Mobile’s page requesting another data plan.
So what’s going on??? Hopefully some one knows: HTC, T-Mobile or Google. So far, for what I've been reading, no one can give a straight answer. For me it's T-Mobile that has blocked Internet Access to Nexus One, simply by using EMEI numbers. Sad that even Android plan isn't working? :doh:
BTW I have an old 19.99 "Unlimited" Internet Acces plan.
Restarted my N1 and the network is back up. YAYAYAYAYAYAY! (for now)
Data back up & running in S. Florida (Boca Raton area)
Just tried to get Gmail, and it worked! All data applications seem to be working OK, with 3G connection. Still have to be watching if it still dances between EDGE & 3G. What have they done? Hope we get some details on what really happened.

My web2go plan went down this morning too and it gave me the upgrade to android data plan message. After I got into work, it started working again. Hmmm... I wonder if T-Mobile is experimenting on the network...
My T-zones works again. It's very odd. They clearly have our IMEI numbers and can identify us. I wonder if they just did a system wide roll back, and the lockdown is still going to come? Hard to say.

Works for now though...
chugging along fine now

Indeed. 5.99 T-Zones/3G speeds rock!
Today was a scare. Hope they don't make me pay more in the future......
[knocking on wood]
for those that are using the web2go plan with the internet2.voicestream.com, what separate apn do you set up to get the MMS to work properly??? For the life of me, and with a lot of searching, I cannot figure out how to do this. I understand that I have to create another setting and name it MMS, but I don't know what friggin settings work. So far nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

n1div said:
I would like to say that I got web2go plan to work on my unsubsidized n1.

I was on the android plan but called to have it switched to web2go. Just to be on the safe side, I used my samsung flip to access the internet for awhile after I made the switch and then switched it back. So far so good. There is another APN you have to setup separately to get MMS working correctly on the web2go plan on the n1.

that's good you got web2go to work with nexus one, did you get the info on how to do this from the android forums?
Got a question, that thread keeps saying web2go is unlimited for $9.99.

Did they change it?
My brother got it last year and it was web2go $9.99 with a 100mb/month cap. and if you go over, they'll charge you per mb until u reach $25 and then it's unlimited for that month.
thanks to all! just got my N1 today. T-zones 3g works! And I luv it
keep reading mixed messages around tzones 5.99 internet and the nexus one

are people buying the subsidized 179 nexus one or the unsubsidized 500+ nexus one that are getting it to work? already on an awesome contract with tzones and don't want to buy into a new plan and want to keep my tzones...

and it's full 3g with the tzones too?
I had to buy it at its full $529. No way I'm giving up my grandfathered family plan with free myfave and 5.99 t-zones.

And yes I am getting 3g speed.
is there a place to enter the APN?

I currently use a 2G iPhone with the epc APN with a grandfathered $2.99 plan. From what I am reading I should get the $529 unlocked phone and just use the plan I have now, correct?
I currently have no data plan (I use my BB's WiFi for browsing etc although it sucks). I'm on an older T-Mo family plan. I'd been considering getting Nexus Ones for my wife and me (unsubsidized).

If I am reading this thread correctly, there is really no downside if I go into My T-Mobile, pick a newer dumbphone, add Unlimited Web to each line, and see if I can get it to work on the N1s.
The upside is that it works perfectly and I save a bunch of money every month.
The worst that can happen is that it won't work and/or will cease working in the future and I'll have to get the $24.99 Android plan for each phone.
Anything I'm missing?