No custom Ringtones on Japanese phones?

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Sep 9, 2013
Hello all,

I have Docomo Sharp SH-01C and with problem to have my custom ringtone.
The factory ringtone is too silent, and I unable to hear calls.

So before all, I would like to say, that I have microSD card with adapter and appropriate USB cable, so I can connect the phone in MTP mode.

The phone has three preinstalled songs, that have availability to be selected as ringtone.
I don't like them too.

I thoroughly read all topics about that in this forum, but unfortunately it not helped me.
The format must be MLD, so first I tied to convert my song using Yamaha solutions.
Unfortunately, they says that the WAV file is incorrect. I wonder why, because it was converted using different converters and different setting but all they are incorrect.

Of course I tried to use wav2mld.
Converted file with name as RING001.mld I put to PRIVATE\DOCOMO\RINGER\RUD0001\ located on microSD card.
The phone see the file, read and play, but in submenu I unable select to use it as ringtone. Ringtone button exist, but unavailable to be pushed and have grey color like inactive.

Next I tried to use 3GX.
Only 11 seconds, mono, 4000Hz or 16000, select SH900i or D903i, 20 KB.
The result file (MLD) is 47 or 89 KB.

But the same thing!

What I do wrong?...
Check it:

There's this sweet program called 3GX that converts .wav to .mld, and it apparently doesn't have the common "I don't like your .wav file" problem that all the other .wav to .mld programs seem to have, at least from what I've seen.

Of course, you still have to make it so that your final file size is under 100KB.
Anyway, there's a whole thread talking about it (3GX now has English payment information), so just search for that. I'd post the link, but I am too n00b and the site won't let me.
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