[ NO ] Distributing / Soliciting of Nokia's proprietary Software, Docs, Tools

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Dec 5, 2005
Many of us would like to know the next greatest and latest from Nokia. So watching those leaked product roadmap, PowerPoint slide or confidential pictures/documents is very exciting. There are ethuisasts even wanna mod our beloved Nokia phones, customize them to the way we want or even flash it with newer firmware MCU, PPM, etc. Some of us would like to repair/mod the hardware, cosmetics, electronics like many hobbyist DIY projects and it would be handy to have the schematics and service manuals/bulletins as reference. While I've no problem with certain discussion of such, Nokia may think the otherwise.

Test and Service Software like Diego and Phoenix, Firmware / Data Packages, Confidential documents like Product Roadmap Presentation, Schematics, Service Manuals, Disassembly / Assembly guide and Bulletins (Level 1 to 4), Developer's tools like Carbide and ThemeStudio, are Nokia's proprietary properties. They're NOT meant for end-users at large. If you think you're qualified for the access to those documents, software and hardware, contact Nokia directly. They're also protected by non-disclosure agreement. Unauthorized use by any mean (*cough* cracked / hacked) may lead to legal implications. So the more we talk about it, the more Nokia will know. Then it may bring HoFo legal troubles!

Some have been talking about it in the kind of details with screenshots, step-by-step/turn-by-turn..... I must say that they're amazing. However, there're boundaries we CAN'T cross: Distributing or Soliciting is a clear NO-GO!

In the rules http://www.howardforums.com/rules.php , it clearly states:

Software piracy - Any content containing registration key/serial numbers, cracks, warez or direct links relating to pirated software that violate copyright laws will automatically be removed as well as requests and offers for copyrighted material.

If you "gotta've it", go elsewhere. There're places where people dare to "break free" with all hacks/mods/cracks. They're just NOT in line with the principles and values of HowardForums.com

Thanks for your understanding.
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