Nokia 6085 has crappy Contacts list


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Jan 15, 2003
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I transferred over all my contacts from my lowly LG 150 on Virgin to my Nokia 6085 on Primus. Now I have a ton of contacts that appear to have been duplicated, e.g. "Joe Blow", "Joe Blow1", "Joe Blow2".

Upon closer inspection I see that each contact entry on this phone can only be associated with ONE phone number. So if your friend Joe Blow has 3 phone numbers, there'll be three entries under his name. This is lame and broken!

Sure wish I'd known of this limitation before buying the phone, but well, at least you know now.
Easy fix - the SIM phone book can hold one number per contact, the phone can hold up to five. Change the phonebook from SIM to phone.
good to know

That's good to know, and indeed an easy fix... so long as you don't plan to use more than one phone. Of course, if all your contacts are on your phone, they won't be available if you put your SIM card in another phone.

So, does this limitation of one phone number per contact in the SIM card a limitation of all SIM cards? Or just the Primus SIM cards?

You can copy contacts from SIM to phone and vice versa. I don't know about the new generation of SIMs, but on my FIdo and Rogers SIMs, it was also one number per contact on the SIM.

Not that I give much of a damn about a phone book anyway... mine's in my head, thanks to a pretty darn good memory.