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Dec 14, 2011
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i got a nokia x100 from ebay and they said it was locked to metro. can we talk about this here
You can talk about it here, just don't post links to unlocking services or anything that looks like a SPAM post.

Just curious, which cellular carrier are you wanting to use it with? Interesting phone. If you get it working, please share your experience with the phone. :confused:
thanks i gt this phone from ebay the guy said he got it from that site you an by phones from offerup and he paid 2$ for it. he did not have any luck getting it to work so i got it and figured i might give it a try. at the worst i will get a broken phone from ebay that needs a good screen and just change the parts over from the bad glass. but to save a bit of money i figure there may just be a way to get around this issue. i did get for a short time the screen to pop up that said start reset hard reset and then i did not get that again. it popped on and off about that fast.
ok I got me an ebay junk phone that has a bad screen i will first make sure i can get that ebay phone onto my google account and that the phone works as intended. then i will take the motherboard out of that broken screen phone and then put that motherboard into this phone and it should be just fine. thanks
official Metro policy is 180 days continuous service to unlock, reality in my experience is 180 days after initial activation(as long as it was active for initial 14 return period) for most devices as long as you do not need to open a support ticket in which case they will enforce the continuous service rule.

if its past the 180 days you should be able to unlock by connecting to WiFi, checking that you have the latest updates and than using the built in 'device unlock' app or unlock option is settings to complete the process.
thanks i went into about phone today and tapped the device unlock and it said today the device is unlocked so that is great.

one thing. for tracfone when i got the a51 i took my sim out of the working on tf a21 and put it in the tf a51 and the phone worked i did not have to call the company or go to a store.

and when i had the metro store set ou the old lg k20 phone from tracfone to metro for the free line at first we had tons of issues but then the lg settled in and worked. so then i took the a21 that was on TF and put the metro sim in it and i do not remember if she called them or went online to set the a21 to work on the metro service. but i can take the sim out of the a21 and put it in the lg k20 and it still works for metro so they must remember the phones that have been set to the sim's

so does anyone know for sure if i can put the metro sim in either the a51 or the nokia and have it take off and work? or if i can go to the metro website and log on to my account and transfer the metro sim into one of those phones? thanks
all phones on Metro must have the IMEI registered on the account to work, i have occasionally though seen phones work for a few minutes before going to a no service state. that has mostly been on older handsets and i suspect it is related to a slight delay in the matching of the IMEI to what is in Metro's database.
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ok i did not think it would work i think the TF sets worked because they were registered to the sim prior. so do you know if i can go to the metro website and log onto my account and go to the working phone number that i want to move to the new phone myself? or will i need to go to a store and pay the 15 or more $ to have them move the number over to the new phone? or call the center and go thru the learning curve with some person that you just can't understand. and being hearing impaired makes that even worse.

if i can log onto the wife's account and then click on my number and then go into add a new phone or move the sim or something that will let me change the sim over to a new phone that will be great.

on the TF site, they let you enter the new phone IMEI and then give the choice to move the number or get a new number, and then if you do not delete the old IMEI later if you do move the sim back to the old phone it will still work. they place that IMEI into an inactive state.