normal or audio issues iphone 12 help


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Jan 4, 2005
iPhone SE 2022,iPhone 12
so i bought a new iphone 12 from cricket coming from a SE 3rd gen
ONLY this ive notice is that the volume is 50% softer (not as loud) than my SE 3rd gen when plug into the aux cable on my car while using not sure if its how the phone is made A14 cpu chipset vs the A15 on the SE or maybe a network thing, went from Tmobile (metro) network to ATT (cricket) but its really driving me insane i take long drives and this half volume stuff needs fix
What version of IOS is the iphone 12? You might want to update to the latest version of iOS.

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found out that its a know issue with bad audio chips,apple is aware of this issue but hasnt did a recall on the iphone 12 so now i gotta go to the apple store but i dont want another iphone 12 cuz its going do the same thing and i cant return it cuz i bought it from cricket wireless