Official Gingerbread update for the DROID X thread

It looks like Verizon if finally pushing a "official" a ota gingerbread update all you folks out there are you having issues with gingerbread on the droid x2 like the droid X people are having? Or is the Droid X2's dual core cpu handling gingerbread better? I want aviod I download something that might brick my phone , should I wait a few weeks or does the "official" gingerbread update have the bugs worked out?:confused:
I don't even know what to say....... I have had my DX for almost 2 years now without experiencing any major issues. I must clairify that I am an Auto Mechanic by trade, and I keep it in my front pocket most of the day, and it gets subjected to bumps, drops, sweat, dust, dirt, 100+ degree temps in our shop this summer. I have always kept a good quality case on the phone at all times. I have never broken or even scratched the screen. (With No screen protector) It's a damn good phone, Or - Maybe I have been really really lucky??? I Should say "No problems".... Until this latest OTA Gingerbread update. I had that OS on the phone for just over a week, and that's all I could take of it. It took a beautiful functioning phone and made it a messed up POS overnight. It was freezing up, dropping calls, not sending calls or text messages, eating up the battery. It messed with the swype keyboard - made it all jumpy and also messed with the sensitivity of the screen. It would take multi touches of the space bar just to get it to make one space? It would keep acting this way untill the phone was re-booted. Then It would act okay for a while (sometimes a day). Then It would eventually start acting up again? So when I needed to make a call I would have to re-boot the phone first. Good thing I didn't have an emergency occure !!! Yes - I also did a full partition Cashe wipe, and I also did a full factory reset. Nothing Helped !!! So this weekend I flashed back to 2.2.340 Froyo, re-rooted it (Z4 Root), then used "SystemApp Freezer" to freeze the /system/app/BlurUpdater.apk. That should keep the OTA Gingerbread from pushing though again, and get rid of the Annoying Update warning message. Personally I like Froyo, it works great. You can root it - it stays rooted. There are tons of Roms for it. You can dial out, and even send an email with it. :) Now the phone is back to working just a nice as it did before.
Does anyone think its possible that good old Verizon does stuff like this just to frustrate people into upgrading to a new phone. because they get tired of fighting the phone, and going to their neighborhood Verizon Store to have the "So Called" Tech, remove the battery and hard boot it, then hand it back to you because its now dailing out again. Yeah maybe for a few hours or so... I asked the guy " don't you keep up on whats going on with these phones? There are dozens of forums out there where people talk about phone issues, and problems regarding resent OTA updates. They pay you to be a phone tech. yet you know nothing of whats going on with them, and just keep speaking those Canned Lines they have told you to say. and keep on Issuing out refurbs like there was an unlimited supply of them. Maybe I would like to keep my original phone, maybe I would like you to re-flash the OS - or Flash my phone back to the previous OS. But No-No, they can't do that. Yet I can go home down-load a few things from the enternet, and flash the phone myself in under an hour? Does this kind of stuff Piss-off anyone else ???
Just like automakers engineer things into their cars that make them expensive nightmares to repair as they get older, causing customer frustration with problems, which leads to making it more attractive for them to just buy a new car - instead of fixing the old one? I'm Just saying...
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Works fine on my phone, I've never had any issues. I was running leaked GB for last few months and had 0 issues. Have you tried a hard reset? Also wipe cache/data etc and then run from there, you should see all issues gone.

I loaded the official over the leaked and had some issues, but after wiping cache and reloading OS it runs like butter :)

Yep - Did all that stuff - nothing changed. Flashing back to 2.2.340 Froyo - Now that fixed all problems...
Hmmm it look like Im going to wait a few weeks before I update even though I've got a droid X2 , I'm on med leave with a mess up foot and don't look hassle'n with the in store tech chimps at my local vermizon store LOL. My phone working fine until I hear large number of stellar successful installs of gingerbread on Droid X2's I'm holding off
If it's out there my phone doesn't see it nor can I download it. The 2.3.3 update last week completely screwed up my Driod X.