Plans Old retention plan expiring, what to do next?


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Jan 23, 2012
Hey guys,

I used to have old 6 GB plan with some sweet minutes for $60. I got it 3 years ago when I got Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The plan had two credits, $5 each, for a set amount of time. One of the credits expired recently, the other one will expire soon.

I am officially on this plan now:


Smart Team Select 70

6pm Early Evening Calling
1000 Weekday Minutes
US GPRS $0.006
Unlimited Incoming Local Calls
Unlimited Eve & Wknd Minutes

Included With Plan

Call Fwd/Transfer Pay Per Use
Unlimited Text Messages
Unltd North America LD Minutes
Unlimited Picture & Video Msgs
Billed Usage-Invoice Details
SmartTeam Basic VP
Detailed Billing

This plan costs me $65.

Once the credit expires, this plan will cost $70.

Here are my few questions:

1) What are my options in regard to scoring a cheaper plan?

2) If Rogers doesn't want to play nice, what is involved in me taking my number and switching to some bring-your-won-device-and-pay-per-month plan with someone else, such as Telus, Fido, etc?

3) Does anyone have any other provider's plan to recommend, if you have your own device?

Thanks in advance, ladies and gents!
Welcome to the site.

First question would be where you are located as that seems to play a big roll on available plans. Second, might be worth to unlock your device or buy new unlocked phone and go month to month with whomever gives you the plan you like. Phone subsidies are getting to be a real trap on poor plans. That said, also need to find out what network works best in the areas you need. If Bell/tellus works well, then that opens up all the competition where Koodo might be the good bang for dollar. If Rogers doesn't play ball with you after dealing with retentions, just kindly say thanks for your time and hang up. Then as your Rogers account is still active, sign on to new carrier and your number will port over and you will no longer be charged from Rogers from that day on.