One long time contact now not getting Gmail from me

Jane B.

HoFo Member
Nov 10, 2006
Here is some recent history with her.
Found out June 28, 2023 that one person I have exchanged emails with for years suddenly quit getting ones I sent to her using my Gmail account. Exchange with a number of entries back and forth worked on February 23, 2023. Also exchange March 16, 2023 that has fewer posts to it. Then March 20, 2023 when I sent one to her about something she missed answering from the March 16, 2023 exchange I did not get an answer. June 28, 2023 received email from her that her sister wrote her about me replying to one of the group emails that we are all three part of and it turns out she has not been getting mine (it appears to me the problem started in March of 2023. She include that she had checked her spam folder.

Weird entry in my inbox in September, 2023. “ >>Her name, ... 2 Inbox Birthday - had a death I... Sept 6"
Then when I click on that it comes up as “her Sep 1, 2023, 2:49 PM to me” The message is “Happy Birthday (a few blank lines) Her name” I did quite a long reply thanking her and then going on to some other things out of habit not remembering that she was not receiving from my Gmail.

Once I sent an email to her using my email account we discovered we can exchange emails if using that address. BUT . . .it is one I very, very rarely use.