Opinions on Primus?


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Jun 6, 2010
In SK. Looking at their $25 plan with 150 minutes canads wide, international texting. Any thoughts or experience with this network?

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Six months later this is probably of no use to you, but I like Primus. As per my other thread, I switched to Primus and then moved to a BlackBerry Q5. Two, actually, on a family plan with shared data and unlimited calling/texting between the two phones anywhere in Canada. We have used the phones in Canada, the US, and France.
Primus does what we want and is cheap.

The Q5 is no longer available, but I like the physical KB and the phone does everything I want.
I know its been awhile since you used this thread makuribu but I have a Q5 and looking at Primus/cityfone and the BYOP plan. I am with Bell and have had a few BB OS updates and I am wondering if you get them with Primus. Thanks
I do get OS updates with Primus. The notifications come out a few days after Rogers people start getting theirs.
After the 10.3 update I have installed a few Android apps through the Amazon store.
Crossy Road runs fine on the Q5 (turn shadows off) and I get update notices for it from the Amazon store.
As a further update on OS updates, the update which came out officially in July has just popped up on my Software Updates screen. If you're used to instant access to system updates from Apple, that might seem like a long wait, but it's not unusual for Blackberry. The carriers have the final say as to when they push the updates to their customers.