Verizon Palm Pixi Plus Release Thread

Did anyone get the phone today?
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Picked up a Pixi on Friday. I'm pretty thrilled with webOS so far.
I exchanged my Pre Plus for a Pixi Plus and I'm very happy with my decision. I haven't had enough time with it for a full review but at this point, the Pixi is a really fantastic little phone.
switching between Pixi and Eris

Right now I have a Droid Eris which I really like, but sometimes I need a solid qwerty (not touchscreen).

So, I was thinking about picking up the Pixi as a second phone to switch back and forth when needed. This is possible correct? and will my email have trouble with the switch? once the phone is set up to sync with that account I won't need to set it up again, even if I am switching phones? TIA
Doesn't sound like it'd be a problem.
verizon manager

well, I went to the store to see the Pixi. The manager came over and asked if I had any questions..... so, I asked him about switching between the 2 phones (eris and pixi-if i get one) and he's like "you'd have to come into the store and switch ESN's or call in to CS" so I asked about switching online and he's like "oh yeah, you could do that" , also can't you use *228 opt. #3?

I also asked if it would retain my email account info and he said "no, it would have to be re-entered everytime". I don't know what to think....I was asking things about the phone and the guy had no clue.....I couldn't find "settings" and he didn't know where it was.... ugh, and HE was a MANAGER...

I did like the phone, esp. the form factor, could anyone answer my email account ques?
I've gone back and forth between a BlackBerry, an iPod touch, the Droid and finally my Palm Pixi without any e-mail issues whatsoever. Once the settings are programmed into the phones you'll be fine.
yeah, that's what I thought.. how on earth did that guy get to be a manager?
He didn't know anything about that phone....When I go back I will make sure to go to a different salesperson :D Thanks!
I really like my new Pixi Plus. I was wondering how everyone's keyboard backlighting is? Mine is fairly uneven ... the two bottom rows being the brightest. I'm assuming this is normal but just wanted a general consensus.
mine is the same way. The symbol key on the bottom right is extremely bright compared to some of the other keys
That's what I figured - Thanks.

Anyone notice it taking a ridiculously long time for your phone to wake-up sometimes ... like 5 seconds after hitting the power button. I am also having random shut downs. I seem to be having the sleep issue a couple times a day and the power-down thing a few times total. Anyone else?
i just got mine. i'm kinda diggin it. i switched from a dare...which i liked. seems I'm the only one who liked the dare. sign me up for the 'needed a keyboard' list. i really missed it after getting rid of my Q.

Just gotta figure a few things out. can it use a mem card?