AT&T Pantech LINK (P7040) unlock code

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Apr 24, 2009
Just received my Pantech P7040 from AT&T, paid $30 for a quad-band GSM phone, a sweat deal.

Anyone knows the unlock code for Pantech LINK (IMEI=!@#@%$^&**)?

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Will this unlock the phone to use with another network such as tmobile with sim card.
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Yes. Unlocking it will allow it to accept another carrier's sim card.

To OP, you should be able to request the unlock code from AT&T. Search the forum or check the wiki for the instructions.
In response to my post above. AT&T will not unlock this code. I picked one up *** well, and called in to ask for the code. After giving her the IMEI, the system responded that it was "ineligible"
hey did you ever get the code cuz i just got the same one and i need it but can not find it ?? so if you have it could i get it from you?
I have the exact same phone, and needed to unlock it to the exact same SIM (T-Mobile)

I tried various unlock websites, none of them worked, so I advise not doing that. But instead call AT&T and ask if they can unlock it for you.

I called AT&T but they said I had to wait 2 months before the phone was unlockable, so I complained and threatened to quit using their service. They then gave me 5000 free texts, 1000 free minutes and a unlock code for the Pantech P7040. I tried the code, and it worked!
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Yes. I called AT&T about 2 weeks ago and after about 3 mins on the cod, I received it. Yes, this phone was NOT unlockable due to some exclusive period. However, that period (6 months or whatever) has now expired, so they are allowed to give out the unlock code.
Pantech P7040 unlock code

hi everyone,
i have pantech p 7040 i m e i 01214005187008
can anyone help me with unlock code please?
Never post your IMEI. If it's an AT&T phone and you have an acct with them, call to get it gor free. If not, try a 3rd party like eBay.

hi everyone,
i have pantech p 7040 i m e i 01214005187008
can anyone help me with unlock code please?
i have a pantech link. my nephew put a lock code on the phone but not the sim. i was wondering if anyone knew how to unlock the phone?
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The code is unique for each IMEI. Contact AT&T to get it. If you are not an AT&T customer, you can unlock it via a 3rd party.

So what is the code?
pantech p7040p permanently locked

I have pantech p7040p permanently locked. in fact i try the code more than 10 times and it permanently locked, what should i do now?
Why do you need the code? It's useless to you. The unlock code is by imei. So, that particular code will ONLY unlock that phone. If you need one for yours, you can contact your carrier or get it from a 3rd party. AT&T gave me mine.

so whats the code
I have this phone as well and used it on Cincinnati Bell wireless and now just switched to Wal-mart Family mobile. I forget what site I used to buy an unlock code. First off, for those that don't know, there are 3 different types of locks being discussed here. I am no expert at all and can only speak in layman's terms.

First lock is just the password to get into phone, has nothing to do with carrier. If someone locked it and you can't get in. Normally when the security locks it, you can make it wipe all info and start as if it's new like out of the box and then make a new password.

second lock is the ability to use it as an unlocked phone on any carrier. meaning it can be used on basically any GSM ( or sim card based ) network. A simple wikipedia search for gsm will show you a list of carriers and what network they use. Each phone has an IMEI number that is specific to that phone only, it is not a model number. By either contacting AT&T or an unlocking website and providing your IMEI number you can get an unlock code making the phone usable on all GSM carriers.

Thirdly, now that you know your password, and you have an unlocked phone, does not mean you have got it made. Some phones are still basically locked to the carrier name branded on them. This P7040 was made for AT&T only. The software provided by Pantech is proprietary to AT&T. Basically, you can't get rid of the AT&T apps or make them work unless you are on there service. In this case, it is possible to find a few guru's here and there that can "flash" the phone with software made for another model of Pantech. To do this is very very difficult and not really worth the work in most cases. That being said, I was able to use this phone on Wal-Mart Family Mobile. I even tweeked some of the MMS/APN settings and got the web to work. Do not try the web you see provided my AT&T on the menu. Go to "my stuff" then "applications" and open up "browser". I hope that helped clarify things. I'm sure there are some experts here that can fine tune what i said, but it should be fairly accurate from a layman's point of view.
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Well, one thing for sure correct me if I'm wrong, it might be cool to unlock any GSM phone but as far as AT&T phone goes, unlocking it especially the PANTECH p7040 and switching it over to T-mobile. You will not be able to get G network, because it cannot access the 1700 mhz. So be sure to check any GSM phone that you are trying to unlock if it can accept and access your provider band such as T-mobile G network otherwise it only will be running on EDGE band network.

Another thing, most of AT&T phone, you cannot do much with it, such as the PANTECH p7040. You will not be able to access most of the feature that is already build into the phone for instance, AT&T Navigator, All Sport GPS, AT&T Family Map, MobiTV, Mobile Banking, Online Locker, Mobile Video, AT&T Social Net, and Mobile Web just to name a few. You will have to use Browser instead to access the net. Again, it will be on EDGE and not 3G. As far as accessing, the music portion, you get very limited access.
Mobile E-mail and IM, you will not be able to use it too and as for the AppCenter, you get very limited access. However, the YPmobile and AT&T Address Book are applicable. Moreover, as far as Texting and MSM goes, it is also applicable too with a little reprogram under MENU, SETTING, NETWORK CONNECTIONS, OPTIONS, CREATE.

Now how are you going to bypass all of this? What are your thought and suggestion?
If you search GOOGLE, you will see that there are so many thousand if not, hundreds of site that show you how to unlock your GSM PANTECH 7040 but not one that show you the limitation of AT&T GSM phone. Be aware what you got yourself into, again as I said it before, it might be cool to just unlock any GSM phone but as far as AT&T phone goes, unlocking it and switching it over is very extremely limited.
I have tried to contact AT&T by email but as I am living out of US I am not allowed to register and make request for free unlock code, Can anybody give me some advice and help me. THANKS