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Jan 18, 2015
Hi Everyone,

The last several times I've used the PagePlus website to refill (paygo plan) I get:

"There was an error processing your transaction, please try again in a few minutes. Please make sure that your credit card details are valid."

when checking out. Usually if I try 4-5 times it will go through, but today, I've just tried like 20 times and the error persists. I know the card details are correct, and it *should* work. I guess their systems are overloaded, or deliberately hobbled?

Thinking about trying pinzoo to refill, but am wary after reading about them here, though I guess their customer service can't be much worse than what PagePlus offers these days.

Any other ideas for refilling PagePlus paygo plans? Are there still PagePlus dealers? I can't get the PagePlus site to tell me if/where they are anymore...

All I can say is give it time. Systems anywhere sometime glitch. Tried to log into my Verizon post paid acct this morning and it said "error, system issue try later."
I never wait to the last day of my PayGo in case there's an issue that day. I always renew a couple days before.
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Yeah, that's what I do too, I have 2 days to re-up. I just got one of my lines to go through after something like 50 tries I find it works better doing them one-at-a-time, since if I add all three lines at once, the checkout glitches hard and never works at all. It's really annoying, but I guess persistence pays off, eventually...
I got them all to go through, though it took literally dozens of tries (each) to get them to take my money. I guess they don't care much about the site, since it's (theoretically?) going away in November?

I have been using pinzoo for a couple of years now. I buy the refill card and then apply the pin using the pageplus site manually rather than having them apply the pin. That way, I can buy in advance, if I wish. I've never had a problem with doing it that way. I think the first time I bought from them, I had to verify I was a real person, but it's been awhile, so I don't remember for sure.
Ok, thanks, I may switch to using them instead of the PP website, since I wasted 90 minutes today on that payment form.
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