Paypal Scam (ballerx43, mjameson110 same user & paypal fraud)


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Mar 19, 2005
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just want to bring something to attention. First of all, user name ballerx43 and mjameson110 are the same. I did a google search on his email address: and it yielded a lot of results. He sent me a user name of younesa2. Also, found this:

When I searched for his email address, i found this listing on howardforums...

It has a number in there listed as: 3106518940

Say's it's in LA. Then he tells me that the listing is in Texas. The ebay user id he provided, sold the last item out of Worth, IL.

Searching for his phone number also yielded this:

Also found a listing of:

Here is the correspondence I have had over email when i asked him about all of this.

ok. That user sold the last item out of Worth, IL. Your phone number listed (area code 818) is from CA. You registered as ballerx43 on Howard Forums using this same email address selling an unlocked 16GB phone. The number listed there is 3106518940. that's from july 2, 2012. Furthermore, you have a listing listed under that phone number in LA, . Can you please explain to me what's going on? Something doesn't feel right here...

I will be disputing the charge right now. I feel like I'm getting scammed here. You were responding every minute prior to the sale and have stopped responding all together...

Sorry, I had to take care of my job. What's the problem?

BTW, letting HoFo know about your scamming methods and also will be filing a dispute for this fraud!!!

Yea, I usually sell stuff out of wherever I'm at... I move around for work. And my number isn't an 818 number? And I have no idea who ballerx43 is. If you want to retract the money that's fine I can refund it to you

I'm kind of confused... But okay, whatever you'd like I don't know what you're saying about me being a scammer? But goodluck with your purchasing a phone and the best to you

yes please refund the money... i don't even think you have the phone. might want to search for your email address on google. tells you a lot!!!

Please ensure that this guy doesn't take your money like he did mine... Good thing I paid with a CC. I called them up right now and will be disputing the $350 he charged me for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

I hope this is sufficient evidence to prove this as a scam & a fraud.
ballerx43 is return scammer aka appleboy98, mikeiskran90 and tjansen.
mjameson110 has a new IP address, just registered recently and listed few phone for sale.

Banned both, hope no one fall into his scam.
^ He has an ad for a Samsung Galaxy 3 can you remove it so no one else gets scammed.

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