AT&T PC Suite operating details.

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Oct 6, 2014
I was success in attaching my Revue to the PC Suite software. I pulled is records from a CSV. I messed with the field matching for awhile and got information to first load to the PC workspace and then to my cell phone. It was pretty easy to get setup. Windows 7.

In the customize field matching section it has options for number type and number, email type and email, social application type and social application. I was able to get phone numbers and email address to load but I'd like them to have the appropriate icon. For a home phone the icon in the phone besides the number is a picture of house. For tthe business/work number this icon is factory. There is a special icon for the mobile phone numbers.

But importing as I have been doing I can't seem to get the 'type' field to do anything.

Thanks thoughts or help.