please read. numerous defective note 3

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Aug 17, 2014
July I water damaged my note 3, I paid 175 to replace it. The replacement device didn't even last 2 weeks. 10 days after getting the phone the mic went out on it, tmobile said I had to take it to a store as they couldn't switch it out. it was 3 days before I could take it to the store. they hard reset it, it worked. 5 days later same problem, mic not working, then the sound on the phone went out. (videos, apps, etc) Again had to take it to the store, they said that the speaker was also going out on the phone. Sent me a replacement, when I got it; I immediately took it to a tmobile store as it said headphones connected. they hard reset it and said that sometimes this just happens. 3 days later after hard reseting it two more times its says headphones connected and hard reset is no longer working. Plus when im on the phone the headphones connected keeps repopping up and kicking me out of speaker mode so I have to watch the phone so that the person im talking to can hear everything and I can hear them. when speaker gets kicked off they cant hear me and I cant hear them. also phone keeps making scrambling noise when im talking (only sometimes but this happened with tmobile on the phone today also)

After talking to a supervisor and refusing another replacement device they said that they can send a new note 3 (which I don't want as these are known issues and I just want to be done with this device and its problems) or they can replace it with a comparable device (which is a joke) I have the choice of nexus 5 or galaxy s4. I paid 708 for my phone back in march and have insurance and jump on it. I owe 233 left on it. Nexus 5 and s4 are around half the price of my phone brand new and are in no way comparable. After stating I needed some time to look at them, I called back later and the representative agreed that they are not adequate replacements for it but because they have sent me so many replacements this is all they can do. That if I would have refused a replacement earlier he would have been able to get me a more comparable replacement like the iPhone 5s or the galaxy s5; but with the added cost of 3 (about to be 4) replacements he can not replace it with anything but the note 3, nexus 5 or s4. I have also been told that by them doing this it will void my warranty and my jump feature. They even stressed that if I received a phone and 3 days later had a problem it would be up to the manufacture to fix it.

Anything I can do or advice on this issue would be extremely helpful. I have filed a complaint with bbb on the matter. I have talked to a supervisor and was refused to talk to anyone higher than that, was also told that a store can not help me only the customer support number can.