PLEASE Sign Petition To Motorola For 815 Problems!


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Aug 17, 2004
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I have updated the link with a much better written petition than mine (thanks to andyw2100). please resign if you were one of the first 10 to sign up. Thanks to everyone.

i have started a petition to motorola to fix what i consider the major issues with the e815. iwas told after sending them my phone along with a letter explaining the problems that they have not recieved many complaints on the issues i was addressing and that the phone is working perfectly. i want to show them that these are problems with as many people as i can and that it is not just me or a select few. there are major spaces between my paragraphs on this petition but the website is going to fix that. i tried to include the major problems and i am sure there are more but this is a start.

PLEASE PLEASE sign this and help me show Motorola that they have a problem and it is happening to a lot of us and it is nationwide.


E815 Motorola Petition
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maybe we could get a sticky on this for a couple of days. i have never asked for one and i am not sure how it happens. thanks.
i have no problems
While you may not have the speakerphone bug, everyone should be cursed with the alarm issue.
Please help by signing the petition. :)
Earlier Fletch had asked for some help with the editing of the petition itself. I offered my help in e-mail, but not before the petition actually got posted. I just sent Fletch a note, along with this edited version of the petition. I am hoping that he will change the petition, which will probably require that the few people who have already signed it do so again.

Following is the text I suggested:
Andy W.

When we spoke on the phone, you indicated that I was the only person
contacting Motorola concerning problems with the Motorola E815 handset.
You suggested that it would be helpful to Motorola to know that other
people are experiencing the same problems that I have been. Towards that
end, I have started this online petition. I hope that based on the
number of people who sign this petition you will realize that there are
many people experiencing the same problems with the E815. Obviously I
could only reach a very small number of E815 owners in the very short
amount of time that I had. Please consider the petition signers listed
below as the tip of the iceberg, rather than as the only users
experiencing these problems. The problems are widespread.

The people signing this petition have experienced one or more of the
following major issues affecting the new Motorola E815 handset:

1)Significant Echo Problems

The echo problems occur for the person being called by the person using
the E815, not on the E815 itself. There are at least two distinct types
of echo problems. One is when the user of the E815 is using a bluetooth
headset. The other is when the user of the E815 is using speakerphone.
In both cases, the party on the other phone, (which could be a landline
or a mobile phone) may hear their own voice echoing back to them. Note
that this problem is intermittent and sporadic. Handsets that exhibit
the problem at one time may not exhibit it later. Finally, there is a
theory that using ObeyMoto at some point prior to using the speakerphone
may be a factor in causing the speakerphone version of the echo problem.

2. Alarm Clock Function

If the alarm is set, but a text message is received and not read before
the time the alarm was set to sound, the alarm simply will not sound.
For an individual attempting to use the alarm function to wake up, but
who also may receive text messages while sleeping, this is obviously a
huge problem. Some people report the same problem occurring with a
missed call, such that a missed call also prevents the alarm from

3. ObeyMoto stops functioning

It has been discovered that if all the "QuickText" messages are deleted,
ObeyMoto will no longer function. The simple fix for users that have
heard of this problem is to create a new QuickText message. But most
users would simply have no idea why their ObeyMoto just stopped working.

The list above is by no means an all-inclusive list of all the bugs
found in the E815 handset. We hope that Motorola will address these
issues, and deliver a fixed E815 that really does perform as this top of
the line phone has the potential to.

Thanks for your attention to this.
fletch33 said:
thanks andyw2100 but i already posted it.

I know you already posted it. And as of right now you have five signatures.

No offense, but I think my edit of your letter is significantly better than your first draft, and will make a much greater impact on Motorola. It also may get a lot more people to sign it. Why not just edit your petition, or start a new one. I'm sure the five people who have already signed will sign again.
Just to add to my last post...

I think adding the bit about ObeyMoto not working will really get Motorola's attention, and may get them to address the other issues as well.
Andy W.
i'll resign if needed, too, and agree w/ Andy.
luiset83 said:
i'll resign if needed, too, and agree w/ Andy.

Thanks, luiset.

And one more, --VERY IMPORTANT-- reason to use my edited letter instead of the original...

In the original letter, it sounds like everyone has the echo problem, and there is no mention of it being intermittent. So, when a Motorola tech tests a phone, and there is no echo problem, we will all be written off as being crazy. I think it is crucial that the sporadic nature of this problem be known to Motorola. My version of the letter accomplishes that...the original does not.
Andy W.
o.k. i am fixing this issue now and i agree yours is better. i will repost the updated link in a moment
we should sign a petition to verizon to stop putting VZRed skins onto their phones... are they communists? rofl
please refer back to my first post because i have changed the link and started a better written petition. thanks to andyw2100 for correct this.
Signed the revised one..
fletch33 said:
please refer back to my first post because i have changed the link and started a better written petition. thanks to andyw2100 for correct this.

No problem, Fletch. Thanks to you both for initiating this, and then for being willing to take the time to change the petition.

We apparently have Motorola's ear now. Let's make the most of it.
Andy W.
I have posted information about the petition, as well as the URL to it on both PhoneScoop, and on WirelessAdvisor. (The more signatures we get the better, right?)

Anyone have any other ideas of good places where we could seek signatures?

Andy W.