Prepaid migration to month to month postpaid and GST/PST charges


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Feb 5, 2008
Victoria. BC
Rogers/Fido/T-Mobile (US)
One of my prepaid accounts had a fairly high balance.
In late August I migrated it to a post paid (month to month, no contract) account.
Some of the balance was used to purchase a phone outright.
The remaining balance would be applied against future monthly charges.
There were a number of "glitches", but they were sorted out by late September.
The amount migrated to the new account was the "Airtime Balance", stated in terms of Dollars.
Taxes (GST/PST) were charged on the the prepaid balance as it accumulated.
Those taxes are not part of the stated "Airtime Balance".
Rogers is applying further sales taxes against the price of the phone and all subsequent charges.
I wrote to Rogers Customer Service and pointed out that the sales taxe(es) on the migrated balance should also be credited to the new account.

Received a call from Customer Service today (Nov. 05).
After much discussion, Roger's stance is essentially "No way, that's not the way it works. You are not getting any credit for taxes paid on the prepaid account".
I must point out that the prior quote is my own summation of the Rogers CSR's stance. She was very polite and courteous.
I advised the CSR that I would have to pursue the matter further and terminated the discussion. (politely!!).

My argument is that taxes were collected on the unused prepaid Dollar Balance. Just as the balance was not used, the tax amount was also unused. The remaining tax should have been transferred to the new account. To not do so and then charge more taxes against the transferred balance is double taxation.

I would welcome any suggestions as to how to escalate this matter.
Update. November 12, received call from CSR manager. The full amount of the disputed sales tax has been credited to my account. Person was very polite. My only comment now, is that it's a pity that one has to essentially fight for something which should be done automatically.