Primus refuses to provide PUK code


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Jan 15, 2003
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This morning I wanted to change the security behaviour of my cellphone, so that it will ask me for my PIN code more often. I was prompted to enter a code, which I assumed was my security code. Nope, that didn't work, so next I tried what I thought was my PIN code. On the 2nd try, the phone locked up with a prompt to enter my PUK code.

I see from several sources that you must obtain your PUK code (which is unique to your SIM, not to your phone) from Customer Service. So I called them, the CS Rep said I have to buy a new SIM card for $20! She said I had "burnt up my SIM card". As if.

Has anyone else had any experience with getting Primus to provide the PUK for your SIM card?

update: I called back and spoke to another CS rep who told me that Primus used to provide PUK codes but no longer has the tools to be able to do that. Sounds like BS, am I wrong?
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No is possible normaly the providers can provide the puk code but ... Primus use the rogers network ... rogers can't provide the puk code ... i have see same problem with Petro Canada Simcard ...
Just call and get a new sim card ... just spoke with the CS rep and try to get a credit !
more on PUK

normally after a limited number of tries (usually 2 or 3) to enter the PIN code, your phone will lock you out and you'll need to contact the service provider to get a PUK (Personal Un-Lock) code in order to get back in to your phone. So says the user manual issued by Primus with my Nokia 6086 phone. (If you enter the wrong PUK code more than 7-10 times, your SIM card will be permanently disabled).

I wrote to the marketing VP of Primus about the refusal of customer service to provide PUK codes. In return someone called me to say they will issue me a new SIM card at no charge. Well, that's great I suppose but still leaves me with a huge problem - all my contacts were on the SIM card and now they're gone!

This cautionary tale should spur you to back up your contact somewhere. I used Nokia's PC Suite to back up my data just before the PUK lock-out, so I'm hoping I can get my data back.

Update on this situation from the executive offices at Primus:

I learned that Primus used to resell Fido services, but about two years they switched over to selling Rogers services. Reading between the lines, I gather that the issue of PUK codes is something that fell between the cracks and was never set up. Hard to believe that this omission could have gone on for so long, but there it is. Anyway I'm told that work is now underway to get that service set up and working once again, and it should be available some time in September.

Primus will send me a new SIM card, but of course that doesn't help me get my contacts back off the old (blocked) SIM. I'll have to wait a few weeks to see if I'll be able to unblock it.

Hard to believe that I'm the first Primus customer to suffer a blocked SIM card. Probably up to now customers have just accepted the lame excuse from Customer Service that "your SIM card is burnt up", not realising that answer was just b.s. It also doesn't sound like the Customer Service reps at Primusare very proactive in responding to customer issues, or very knowledgeable about the cellular business. Why didn't one of them figure out what was going on and get the problem dealt with? Why does it take a customer to discover and initiate steps to resolve internal business process issues?

My problem isn't resolved yet, but I'll take Primus at their word that they're working on the problem; it's good to see that they appear to be listening and responding. The moral seems to be that if you find a problem with any cellular provider (or any company, for that matter), don't accept excuses, and take your concerns as high up the food chain as you can, so that the people with the appropriate responsibility and authority can deal with them. And by 'problem', I don't mean something trivial like you don't like your plan or the fact that you can't get a deal that used to be offered in the past, etc.
midtoad said:
Primus will send me a new SIM card, but of course that doesn't help me get my contacts back off the old (blocked) SIM. I'll have to wait a few weeks to see if I'll be able to unblock it.

Just out of curiosity, did they charge you for the new SIM card?
yes and no

Primus told me that normally they charge $20 for a new SIM card, and they said they were going to charge me for the card. But after I contacted their executive offices about their apparent failure to provide a service that all cellular providers do provide, that office told me that they wouldn't charge me for the card that they sent me. YMMV.

I'm still waiting to hear from Primus who have said they will let me know when they are once again able (and willing) to provide PUK codes.